The Augustana Heritage Association was dissolved in 2016. Records and writings are retained here for archival purposes.

One of the major activities of the Augustana Heritage Association was the publication of papers at its Gatherings and any other materials that it considers important for its current members and future generations.

This is in keeping with the purpose of the AHA, which is "to define, promote and perpetuate the heritage and legacy of the Augustana Lutheran Church."

Every Morning New Every Morning New by Herbert W. Chilstrom and E. Corinne Chilstrom contains devotional readings for every day of the year. The title of the book is taken from the words of a hymn by Johan Olaf Wallin, "Again Thy Glorious Sun Doth Rise,” which contains the words "thy bounteous grace is every morning new." The book was commissioned by the Augustana Heritage Association. Herbert Chilstrom was the first Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and Corinne Chilstrom is a pastor in the ELCA, author, and frequent presenter at conferences.

The Augustana Story The Augustana Story by Maria Erling and Mark Granquist tells the history of the Augustana Lutheran Church from its beginnings to its entrance into the wider Lutheran family and its impact there up to the present day. The book gives coverage to major events, personalities, movements, and institutions. But it also gives readers a feel for what it was like to grow up in the Augustana tradition. The authors, who are professors of church history at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg and Luther Seminary at St. Paul, respectively, draw upon letters and archival materials never before used to tell the story.

hultgren book The Heritage of Augustana: Presentations at Rock Island and Lindsborg. Edited by the Rev. Hartland H. Gifford and Dr. Arland J. Hultgren, this volume contains presentations made at AHA Gatherings at Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, in 2000 and at Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas, in 2002. Thirty essays are included concerning the origins of the Augustana Synod, its early period in Illinois and Kansas, theological education, outstanding personalities (including Emmy Evald, Gustav Andreen, Conrad Bergendoff), and much more.

folstad book The Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church in Print. Author Virginia P. Follstad has identified over 320 periodicals published by the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church, its agencies, and by various institutions related to it. First naming these journals, magazines, and newspapers, the book then explains their contents, when and by whom they were published, and where materials are located in libraries and archives in the U.S., Canada, and Sweden. Anyone doing research on Swedish-American history and culture, the history of the Lutheran Church in the U.S. and Canada, Swedish-American church history more broadly, and particularly the history and inner life of the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church will find this volume an exceedingly generous and helpful guide.

Akta Augustana: Heirloom Receipes Äkta Augustana: Heirloom Receipes. Compiled by Luther and Adele Lindberg and Curtis and Marian Olson, this cookbook contains over 200 recipies from the Swedish-American tradition of the Augustana Lutheran Church. Pictures are often included with the recipes themselves. The recipes were collected from person who believe that it is important to carry on, and pass on to subsequent generations, not only memories of the Augustana home, but also its physical experience through dining. The book makes a great gift to introduce the heritage to children, grandchildren, and others.

Songs of Two Homelands "Songs of Two Homelands", Hymns and Liturgy of the Augustana Lutheran Tradition. This book contains 88 favorite hymns and songs of the Augustana tradition plus the Liturgy of the Augustana Lutheran Church. It was edited by the Rev. Ronald T. Englund, the Rev. Glenn C. Stone, and Dr. John O. Swanson. It is the "official" hymnal used at Augustana Heritage Association Gatherings.

The Augustana Heritage The Augustana Heritage: Recollections, Perspectives, and Prospects. This book, edited by Dr. Arland J. Hultgren and Dr. Vance L. Eckstrom includes 27 essays about the history, heritage, and impact of the Augustana Lutheran Church. The essays were presented first at the Augustana Heritage Association Gathering at Chautauqua, New York, in September 18-21, 1998.

dvd Join in the Dancing: Swedish Folk Dance Mass (DVD). Per Harling's Swedish Folk Dance, filmed at the 2006 AHA Gathering at Chautauqua. It features a Swedish dancing group from Jamestown, NY.

CD-Audio/Video Recordings of Augustana Heritage Association Gatherings. Many of the presentations and other events at Gatherings have been recorded over the years and are available on CDs or tapes. They may be obtained by writing to the Rev. Ernest E. Ryden, 22 Spice Lane, Osterville, ME 02655-1747, Telephone: 508-428-1432. Ask for the complete listing of what is available and a price list. Please add $3.50 for postage and handling.

The Augustana Ministerium: A Study of the Careers of the 2,504 Pastors of the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Synod/Church, 1850-1962. By Conrad Bergendoff, published by the Augustana Heritage Society in 1980.

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